The political powers in Minnesota have decided to abandon the constitution and endorse candidates whom validate and support the national popular vote. I stand with the citizens of my state. No amount of political contributions from anyone will change that.

Minnesota will lose with this scenario. Larger population states can affect the outcome of elections which is why the Electoral College was established. Alan Dershowitz stated, “Plainly, the founders of the Constitution did not intend for there to be a conspiracy among certain states to essentially abolish the Electoral College.” This is a big money pushed from outside of Minnesota to influence the national election. Minnesota will be on the outside looking in. Under the NPV if your state votes for a different candidate your Electoral College votes will go to the candidate with the most general election votes. This will undermine yet another check and balance that the founders had in mind.

Remember this when you step into the voting booth. Our states rights are meant to supersede what Washington DC has in mind for us (Tenth Amendment). That means that Washington politics are to have less influence on our state than we believe they do. We are individual states within a union. When you say you don’t want big money influencing elections then do not let them. This is not a left right theme this is an issue for states with a smaller populations.   

Remember me in November. I am the only State Auditor Candidate in Minnesota whom is against the National Popular Vote, Compact for America and will stand up for all individual rights protected by the ninth amendment. Pin your candidates down on the big issues as well because if we are elected we are harder to remove from office. While it may be politically convenient to side with a majority on this issue I will stand on principle.  

Today we turned in our petitions a triumphant feat worthy of
praise. Over forty people rallied to the cause and a multitude of others mailed
in petitions. Our first amendment rights were challenged. We took the field and
challenged. Our ideas have been retreaded by a Governor who claims to be
Libertarian. Our place on the ballot as libertarians is mostly secure.

Many times in life we meet two faced creatures. It is known in
the animal kingdom as “diprosupus”. When a politician does it people call it a
two party system. It is amazing to me to look at how far our country has come
and how many freedoms we have lost. There is a single party now in America
controlled by the elite. These people jump from one bandwagon to the next never
throwing down their shield. It is easy to claim to be libertarian from the
safety of and security of a major political party.

When the room changes are they as adequate as they were without
the backing of corporate interests? Is it courage that they have while cuddled
up under the wing of the starling or is it courage to take flight alone like our
majestic American Eagle?

Today while on my way over the Crow River I saw our national
symbol a graceful and majestic eagle flying along the banks paralleling my
course as I shifted gears. I couldn’t help but, feel its presence urge me on in
my fight for liberty and freedom.