In any organization we tend to have one shining star one personal
best which we hold up for the world to see. This is a simple way to look at the
situation at hand. Minnesota our North Star state should not be concerned with a
single bright example of excellence. There is no good in a single road to be
perfect while all of the others are not fit to travel.

Today our legislators and representatives work from one crisis to
another. This is part of the function to use our community resources to find and
fix a crisis. Why is every issue a crisis then? I believe that the information
contained in our auditors reports are not as information rich as they could be
to aid the executive branch and legislative body move as effectively as they
might otherwise. That is a big statement to make and one I believe is true. Our
state auditor is on our executive council and that is an awful strange place to
put someone without a strategic inkling.

 The balanced score card is one where we don’t have a single
 shining star. In the balanced score card the overall workings of the
 organization is key. The overall effectiveness of an organization works best
 without just one single darling of an idea. How well would a hardware store
 work if there receiving department was a mess and nothing could get to the
 shelves? That hardware store may have the best signage, sales personnel and
 might even have the best selection of what you want if you can’t find it in the
 isle you can’t take it to the cash register.

As Minnesota State Auditor I will work to ensure that all of the
areas I am in charge of receive a fair portion of my time. I will have a
standard which we judge the effectiveness of our organization by its ability to
meet its goals and once those goals are met I will strive to steadily improve.
If we focus solely on auditing and make it the darling of the position I will
have neglected each of the other functions of the position.  



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