Prior to change in State Auditor responsibilities in 1973 the
State Auditor was charged with approving the State’s Executive Branch
 Expenditures in Advance. I believe this change is to the detriment of the
 public. A strong check and balance system is the backbone to the American
 system of government. I believe the position of state auditor is that of the
 public’s elected watchdog.

      The legislative auditor has stated that the law concerning the
use of the state plane is not clear. While the legislative auditor is appointed
by the legislative audit committee the state auditor is elected by the people.
The legislative auditor audits the state auditor so that position must not be
eliminated. That position is vital to a check and balance system. It should not
be left to the media to report these issues.

      There are two mouthpieces the state and legislative auditor.
 These two voices should be aligned in an effort to showcase the abuses of
 funds. If either of these voices is silent when a case of abuse of public funds
 it is easily filtered. Reinstating the check and balances system will keep our
 elected officials honest.

      A good check and balance system will give the citizens a
responsible party to hold accountable. I will work to put this check and
balance system in place as your auditor. I want to put an end to hearing about
our state assets being used for personal gain because of a loophole. It should
be harder than to say I am meeting so and so here just a few miles from my
campaign or book signing to justify using our property. A proper check and
balance will keep our elected officials from going to a party, football game or
publicity shoot and bending it into something they will say is in the best
interest of the public. It is not enough for only our legislative auditor to
say that a law was broken while our state auditor whose enforcement division
could also be put to use investigating such an incident.



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