Minnesota is one of eight states with two auditors. It is so
confusing that even veteran reporters from the Star Tribune have mistakenly called Jim Nobles the State Auditor. Minnesota currently has two auditors a state auditor and a legislative auditor. It is no wonder people don’t get represented as much they might have without so much finger pointing up on the hill.

The legislative auditor is currently investigating the abuse of
driver data where 88 enforcement personnel were found to have compromised driver data. There is also the MNsure review currently underway where so many red flags
have arisen and insurance watchdog groups have questioned massive fraud. MN DOT has not been compliant with Disadvantaged Business Enterprise for at least the past four years. The Minnesota Crime Task Force has been reported on for mishandling of funds, a lack of record keeping and lacked documentation for
property seized. This after the Metro Gang Strike Force was disbanded after a similar incident.

The solution to the problem is not a review of MNsure but, a full
audit. The solution to public officials and contracted companies behaving
properly is holding people accountable. If you think these entities are being
held accountable to the tax payer then who is going to write us a check. You
wouldn’t buy a car that wouldn’t run right with dealer promises that in 6
months it will get you to work. You wouldn’t let the neighborhood kids run
around and take things without permission. I would bet hard earned money that
you wouldn’t keep a watchdog around that only barks and bites after you have been robbed.
It’s time to shake things up at the capital.     



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