Like most of us who are out trying to make a living. The upcoming state
elections are probably not a priority just yet. Families, enjoying the great
Minnesota get together at the end of summer and getting all of our fall chores
done take most of our fall time. Every election year or special election cycle we
step into a voting booth and make a decision.  This year I want you to be informed
about my position. That hour or so that you take out of your busy schedule to
vote is one of the greatest responsibilities a citizen of our great nation can

      When I hear the title State Auditor I think of a person
 diligently counting receipts and checking fund balances. Making sure your
 dollars are in the right place. I also think of a person taking a physical
 inventory of the resources the state has in their possession. It seems simple
 to look at a member of the state’s executive council in such a manner.

      Twenty billion is not a small amount of tax dollars. Total state
spending was over twenty nine billion.  Literally hundreds of entities all take
in money from one area or another. Literally tens of thousands of people are
 employed by the state and all of them potentially a source of fraud, waste or
 abuse. It is impossible for one person to audit all an entire state.   

      One person cannot physically do it. It takes a team of dedicated
and loyal individuals. The State Auditor is a leader of multiple divisions. The
role of the State Auditor involves auditing, reviewing, investigating, reporting
and educating. The State Auditor also serves on the State Executive Council,
State Board of Investment, Land Exchange Board, Minnesota Housing Finance
Agency, Public Employees Retirement Association, and Rural Finance Authority
Board. All of those roles and responsibilities are very important to the state
of Minnesota.

      The State Auditor is a Constitutional Officer. The Minnesota Constitution says                                       “Oath of office of state officers. Each officer created by this article before entering                                      upon his duties shall take an oath or affirmation to support the constitution of the                                    United States and of this state and to discharge faithfully the duties of his office to
the best of his judgment and ability.”

      The State Auditor also campaigns as a partisan. This means they have an                                        affiliation with a certain political party. Our past elections have included our State                                     Auditor candidates campaigning how non partisan or impartial they are. I question the
responsibility of such a statement when it comes from a member of our state’s
most important boards.



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