One of the functions of State Auditor is head the Government Information Division.

The Minnesota Data Practices Act guarantees the rights of the public to access data. Public records are defined as all data collected, created, received, maintained or disseminated by any government entity regardless of its physical form. The law also requires that this information is explained to us if needed. Currently the law does not have a requirement for the timeliness of such requests. The right to information is a cornerstone to the American process. As voters we need actionable and timely information which we can then use to hold our elected leaders responsible for their actions.

As an elected watchdog I will welcome all exchanges of information even ones that are critical of the government. The Better Government Association (BGA) ranked Minnesota #15 in the Nation in a study from 2008. In 2007 the BGA and National Freedom of Information Coalition (NFOCI) gave Minnesota an F grade on transparency.

When elected I will use the power of the elected office to respond to requests for information using the Minnesota Data Practices Act, Economic Development Act, and any other applicable laws. I will use the subpoena power of the office to request such information if necessary.    



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