How do we consider ourselves a free nation when our elected
officials pick a path based on monetary assumptions? Probably not what you
would think a State Auditor Candidate would say. I am different. While I was in
support of the US Mission in Iraq I had the opportunity to meet diverse and
unique cultures. I was bold enough to say America is a free country in the
world. I was promptly laughed at. What do a room full of Bosnians, Kenyans,
Ugandans, Scotts and Iraqis have to tell us about freedom? Well for starters
they told me America leads the world in incarcerations. We have more people
behind bars than any other nation per capita. I can start to change that as
State Auditor. 

    Minnesota is a home rule state which means that laws specifically                                                               not covered by the state can be covered by local laws. Remember
that the next time you vote for your State Auditor and Sheriff. Constitutionally
elected Sheriffs have taken a different approach to safety over dollars by 
implementing diversion programs. These programs benefit the communities by  
making a driver whom will not miss a steak dinner or night out by paying a fine 
reach a little deeper and find perspective. These are solutions based upon the 
experience and honesty of our elected officials who actually work in the field 
of law enforcement. I stand with our local law enforcers who make the decision 
to sponsor diversion programs. These programs lift an already burdened judicial
branch, provide a good stern lecture to those that need it and allow for the
spirit of cooperation and good will that is lacking with law enforcement today.

      As your state’s auditor I will push for the solutions that allow local 
jurisdictions to make decision based on what’s right for them. This election 
season remember the candidate that stands with the working class and the tax 
payer and not the insurance company or the money grabbers.  Tell 
centralized government their wrong impeding the progress of a new solution to a 



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